7 responses to “Contact

  1. Will "The Salivator" Goodchild

    Have been licking my screen in a frenzy. All looks AMAZING. W 🙂

  2. michaelarthurfood

    Thanks fella, long way to go yet x

  3. Looking forward to trying some of these beautiful recipes how exciting. Simon says hallo from London he is going to cook his sister one of your recipes tomorrow. Annette x

    • michaelarthurfood

      Thats great – please tell us how the meal turned out we always like feedback so we can adjust the recipes if there were any problems.

  4. It’s was great but how do you get beetrout stains of your hands ? See you soon my mum has a crush on you

  5. Well done Mr Arthur. A wonderfully inspiring website and as always absolutely delicious menu ideas. Glad to see your inspiring others with your cooking creativity. Made me very happy reading it all. Good luck. Sarah

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