Homemade Sauerkraut

I have always liked sauerkraut, is good to know that it  is highly beneficial to people who have digestive troubles.   The lacto-fermentation process it goes through means it is a natural probiotic.  Natural probiotics  aid the digestive and immune systems. The effects sauerkraut has on your insides are quite complex in contrast to how easy it is to make. The bottom line is that its good for you. Eat it with all your plates of food or with crackers, just integrate it into your diet. Add aromatics, classically juniper berries, but all spice and star anise work really well.  What you see in the photo is one medium cabbage, probably better do it with two or three, it keeps for a couple of months.


1 medium sized white cabbage
1 tbsp Maldon sea salt
1 star anise
3 allspice berries
6 or 7  black peppercorns

You will also need;

A medium sized glass jar with a sealable lid


Cut the cabbage into four, removing any of the outer leaves which are no good.  Save a couple of good, large leaves as this will go on top of the cabbage in the jar to hold it down.  Remove the thick stalk  in the middle.  You need to cut the cabbage as thin as you possible.  A mandolin is the right tool for the job, if you don’t have one then a heavy knife and a steady hand will do it.

Give the cabbage a rinse, and dry fairly well.  Add it to a large bowl and scrunch in a tablespoon of salt.  You now have to pick up handfuls of the cabbage and give it a good squeeze.  Drop this handful and pick up another one.  Repeat this process until water starts coming from the cabbage.  Carry on until it has reduced in volume by half.  You can now add your spices.

Pick up handfuls of the cabbage and press firmly into the jar, watching out for any air pockets.  Once firmly packed, pour the liquid in.  This is the brine, and will prevent it from going off.  All of the cabbage should be covered.  Press the reserved cabbage leaves on top, close the jar and leave for 24 hours at room temperatute.  Over the next four days open the jar once a day just to release any excess gases.  After four days, put into the fridge for a couple of days.  The sauerkraut is now ready and will last for approximately two months, although this recipe only produces a small jar, so it won´t last that long.

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