There is a sea change occurring in what we are eating and how we go about living.  ‘You are what you eat’ has never been more of an informed notion than it is today. The change is genuine as it has come from the underground rather than being orchestrated by large food manufacturers and corporations. As more and more information has become available, certain theories are now accepted as fact regarding the impact the food we eat has on our bodies, our minds and our planet.

‘Health food’ as a genre can have an air of mystery surrounding it -conjuring up images of unusual ingredients, faddy preparation and costly equipment.  As a general commodity it is relatively new to the market. It has slowly ascended from being the concern of a small minority of people in the sixties to holding an established position in the market. It seems to have captured the imagination of health-conscious people, cutting itself a wide and rapidly expanding demographic.

In the food media ‘healthy eating’ has made a limited impact. It comes across as bland and boring, the kind of food you eat when you are dieting. I couldn’t disagree more. I have been lucky enough to have had a blank canvas working with ‘The Healthy Holiday Company’. The boundaries given by creating healthy food have inspired me. It has been a process of hard work trying to understand how to make health food and healthy eating as tasty and as pleasurable as the other cuisines that surround us.
Michael Arthur Food blog will work up through the basics of creating wonderful health food. From snacks to entire meals, you will find direction here. The Store Cupboard section of this blog gives you all the ingredients needed to embark on a healthy living lifestyle.  Tips will show you shortcuts and tricks to preparing side dishes and condiments to complement your food; and then there are  the Recipes – easy, tasty, colourful, nutritionally balanced dishes,  savory and sweet. I will work through gluten free, sugar free and low sugar options as well as dairy free, vegan and vegetarian recipes.
You don’t need to be running 10 km a day and hitting the gym four times a week to be healthy. There is no better way to start adopting a healthy lifestyle than changing how and what you eat. Here you will find some practical and inspirational ideas to get you started.

4 responses to “Welcome

  1. Nice Michael! Look forward to reading more. X

  2. Hello, I am Jimena motter in Law. She was delihted with your meal at her récent stay in Ibissa , with Alexis and my grand childreen.
    Do you also accept to comme to France for monthly period, and what would bee your salary. it soul be in Megeve , French Alpes during end of january and february.
    regards Isabel Bonte

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